Communities of Greene County - Churdan

Near the northern border of Greene County is the small town of Churdan. It doesn't have a lot of people, but it has a lot of personality. If you want a tank of gas, your car fixed, a bouquet of flowers, your hair styled and cut, a bag of seed corn, insurance for hail, or a prize ten point buck mounted, you will be able to get it done without leaving town.

It is a good place for your child's education, mixing small classes with a working relationship between the Paton Churdan School and Greene County Schools, successfully melding small school spirit with large school course offerings. Technology is encouraged and re-enforced by the school system and the town library, both of which know the value and necessity of this modern day tool.

There are three active churches that serve the surrounding area faithfully. The historic St. Patrick's Catholic Church in rural Cedar Township is on the National Register of Historic Places and has an active preservation group.

Churdan is a community that shows up for soup suppers, school plays and sport activities. Several years ago they came together to build "Freedom Park" and now they are working on an addition to the already busy library. It is a community that will welcome you if that's what you want, or leave you alone if that's your preference. There is a great daycare for working parents.

Churdan is located near enough to Carroll, Jefferson, Ames, Des Moines that people have chosen to live and raise children in a small town with great old trees and commute to work or entertainment. By the way, everyone knows the name of the neighbor's dog.

~ poet Teena Toliver is a transplant from North Dakota
and long-time Churdan resident

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