Communities of Greene County - Grand Junction

Grand Junction: named for its location at the cross roads of two great rail lines, the Mississippi-Missouri and the Minneapolis-St. Louis; today, the rail lines are both Union Pacific Railroad, with the "spine line" going north to Minneapolis and the "double main", a major east/west route hauling coal, grain, ethanol and soy oil and freight across the nation.

With a Louis Dreyfus ethanol plant, Reuter's Red Power implement dealership, Neese Farm Service, Grand Junction is benefitting from the robust farm economy. My Tighes restaurant  and motel and the omnipresent Casey's General Store along Highway 30 serve motorists and residents alike.

Grand Junction now boasts a new swimming pool and library, a Lincoln Highway Museum and at the edge of town, a Lincoln Highway interpretive park, with a new community center and firestation in the works to serve the growing community..

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