Communities of Greene County - Paton

William Paton, a Scottish emigrant came to New York City in 1836. As a land broker, he came west on the railroad to Grand Junction and then travelled north to see the country. Paton liked what he saw and made his plans to establish a library in Paton and provided the people who would establish the town. Today's Paton, led by area manufacturer Bauer Built, boasts a new library and community center, a community bank, a grain elevator, a business class restaurant and bar, complete with a conference center, 209 Main, and there is talk of a housing and lodging project.

Bauer Built, supplying planters worldwide for John Deere, was recently sold to John Deere for $16 million. With the ink not yet dry on a deal to sell Bauer Built, Vaughn and Lori Bauer are in the early stages of creating their next enterprise, another manufacturing facility across the road from the original building. John Deere will continue to build planters just as Bauer Built has, but "there are some types of equipment John Deere will want Vaughn and Lori to still manufacture." Deere will continue to employ about 150 persons. The new Bauer facility will employ 30 to 40 more.

Popular Culture: Pvt. James Francis Ryan (Matt Damon) of the 101st Airborne, title character of the movie "Saving Private Ryan", tells Capt. Miller (Tom Hanks) that he is from Paton, Iowa.

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