Greene County and the City of Jefferson have established a number of incentives we hope will be appealing to veterans and their families as they look to relocate or return to Iowa.

The key incentive is a significant number of new jobs and their diversity: there are openings for male, female, the currently under-employed youth market as well as retirees looking for additional income, disabled, fulltime and part-time, and those that need flexible hours.

Examples of new jobs coming to Greene County include:

  • 140 jobs: Hy-Vee
  • 70 jobs: New Way Trucks
  • 30 jobs: Greene County Medical Center Expansion
  • 40 jobs: Business Class Restaurant
  • 250 jobs: Proposed Casino/Entertainment Center
  • 75 jobs: Additional New and Expanding Manufacturing
  • 200: Estimated in Attrition

805 Total estimated employees needed in the next 3 to 5 years.

Greene County has some specific incentives unique to our community:

  • County banks have instigated a program that eliminates closing costs for veterans applying for VA financing.
  • County businesses offer a $2000 relocation support package to help move the employee's family to our community.
  • To make relocation easier we have a central housing site on our Chamber Website that lists all available properties for sale/rent/lease.
  • We offer a pre-application job form on the Chamber Website that can be be completed on-line and then sent to any of the list of employers provided on the site. The employers will then contact the applicant for the next step.
  • For veterans' families looking to purchase a home in our community we offer a 100% three year property tax abatement for new construction or remoldeling. (Available only withhin Jefferson city limits.)
  • Jefferson Telecom offers 1 free standard TV installation and free internet installation for bundle customers.

Greene County offers a wide range of other advantages including:

  • A full time Veterans Affairs Office.
  • Close proximity to veterans' medical facilities in Carroll and Fort Dodge.
  • County support of the Veterans' Preference designation.
  • Unique county assets include the Mahanay Bell Tower, RVP-1875 (A historic furniture manufacturer/artisan colony), All Ability Cycles, Raccoon River Valley Trail (89 miles for biking, hiking, running, skiing), Raccoon River Canoeing and History Boy Theatre.
    • We also have a fully licensed pre-school and day care facility and one of the highest ranked educational systems in the state.
  • The County also offers support to veterans interested in starting their own business.
    • Several funding sources and help with your business plan.

Components of the Home Base Iowa Act (Senate File 303)

  • Military Pension Income Tax Exemption: All Military pensions will be fully exempt from state income tax. This exemption is retractive to Jan. 1 2014.
  • Millitary Homeownership Assistance Program: A program through the Iowa Finance Authority will expand the budget to provide for up to $5000 of down payment or closing cost assistance to eligible veterans. This applies to those who have served since 9/11 as well as those that served during the Gulf War of 90/91.
  • Permissive Veterans Preference: The Home Base Iowa Act will clarify that it is legal for private businesses to provide veterans preferential treatment in hiring decisions.
  • Occupational Licensure: Iowa's occupational licensing boards will adopt rules allowing credit for millitary training and experience in the licensing process.
  • Education: The state Board of Education will create a uniform policy granting automatic in-state tuition to veterans, their spouses, and their dependents at Iowa's community colleges.
  • License Plates: Eligible applicants will be issued veterans-related license plates (such as Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Gold Star) for free.

Greene County is a growing, welcoming community that can provide veterans an affordable living environment, close to large cities for entertainment yet offering a safe rural setting for your family.

If you have any questions, please contact our Veterans Affairs Director Tracie Perez - 515-386-5673. If Tracie is unavailable please contact Ken Paxton, Director Greene County Development Corp.- 515-386-8255.

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